Range bag and range safety


With spring quickly approaching, several things may come to mind that may get you excited for the months ahead. One of the first things that comes to our minds here at Nemo Arms is shooting season and more time spent at the range. When it comes to going to the range, it’s never too early to begin preparing for a successful season ahead. 


We’d like to give you some tips on what you should include in your range bag to have a safe and successful trip to the range. Check out the 15 range bag essentials we feel are must-haves when deciding what to pack.


  1. Eye protection – With brass and occasional stray bullet fragments flying any which way, eye protection is key. We recommend always bringing a spare in case you break yours or a buddy forgets a pair.
  2. Ear protection – Whether you are a shooting veteran or are new to the sport, hearing damage still occurs when shooting a firearm. Regardless if you are indoors or outdoors, be sure to always wear some form of ear protection. Noise-canceling or good earplugs are preferred, but anything is always better than nothing.
  3. Spare mags – It’s always best to bring a spare mag. Having an extra on hand gives you the ability to spend more time shooting rather than reloading as well as gives you a backup in case one fails. 
  4. Ammo – Don’t forget the key ingredient when it comes to unloading at the range. Make sure to always pack more ammo than you think you’ll shoot. It always goes quicker than you think and you’ll want to save time and money rather than having to go purchase some at the range at a premium.
  5. First aid kit with tourniquet – You should always carry a first aid kit when you use a firearm. Accidents happen and you should always be prepared to address any circumstance that arises from one. Whether it’s for you or a fellow shooter at the range, being prepared and educated in handling firearm first aid is crucial.
  6. Hat – Hats are a great protection tool from hot brass landing somewhere it shouldn’t be. Yes, even when shooting indoors, hats are your best friend. Protect that money maker!
  7. Gloves – Gloves help protect your hands from handling a hot gun as well as practical practice. Not all instances with a gun will happen in hot summer months. Practice for handling your firearm in the cold months of winter as well.
  8. Rain jacket – A rain jacket will only come in to play while at an outdoor range, but it’s always good practice to keep one tucked away in your range bag for a rainy day.
  9. Spare targets – It’s never fun when you stop seeing whether you’ve hit your mark or not. Always pack extra targets so you can track your shooting throughout the day.
  10. Staple gun – You never know what kind of target stand you’ll be dealing with and the targets won’t hang themselves. Pack something like a staple gun so you can keep on keeping on.
  11. Sharpie – A sharpie is another great way to mark your progress. Having one handy will allow you to track your progress while you are at the range.
  12. Multi-tool – Expect the unexpected and you can always expect that something will not go according to plan. Be prepared if something breaks or needs a quick adjustment by utilizing a multi-tool.
  13. Notepad & pen – If you like to take notes and keep track of your progress, a notepad and pen should be stashed away in the bag. This is a great way to look back and see how far you’ve come during each visit at the range.
  14. Flashlight – A small flashlight is a useful tool to have if something breaks and you need a little extra light or even help with visibility at the range. Many indoor ranges are not well lit and this little tool could come in handy in sticky situations.
  15. Cleaning supplies – Even though the chances of cleaning your gun while at the range is slim, you never know when you’ll need an item from your cleaning kit. Having your firearm cleaning supplies in your range bag is also a great way to store these products so you always know where they are.

As you continue to go to the range, you will find the right range essentials that will fit your needs. Whatever they may be, we suggest always coming prepared and bringing the right equipment to practice proper range safety.

If you are looking for products like gun cleaning kits, spare parts, or items like hats to add to your range bag, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out all that we have to offer online at www.nemoarms.com


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