Magnum Frame

an industry first

We engineered the longe range capabilities and flat shooting profile of the legendary .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge into the world’s most adaptable rifle platform. Meet the world’s first .300 Win Mag AR rifle. Designed and manufactured from scratch in the USA.

FInd your Omen

OMEN Watchman

.300 Win Mag


OMEN Match 3.0

.300 Win Mag


OMEN Recon

.300 Win Mag


OMEN M-210

.300 Win Mag


Custom off the shelf

Chambering the venerable AR platform for a cartridge as large and powerful as the .300 Win Mag required us to engineer every component from the ground up – from the billet matched receiver set and nickel boron high pressure, side-charging bolt to our patented recoil reduction bolt bolt carrier group and roller bearing cam pin, the Omen series blazes the trail for magnum frame modern sporting rifles.

Anything but ordinary

Patented reduced recoil BCG

Bartlein & Proof Carbon Fiber barrels

High Pressure Bolt

Tool Steel Extractor

Roller bearing cam pin

2 & 4 position gas systems

Call it gift wrapping, for yourself

A quality rifle deserves a quality case, and that’s why we include a Savior double rifle case with every new rifle we ship, complete with custom Nemo morale patch.