5 Must-Have Accessories For Your Firearm

So you’ve finally found that perfect firearm; congratulations! The fun doesn’t stop there, it’s time to trick out your new gun with some great accessories to enhance your shooting experience. Below, the team of NEMO Arms experts outline the 5 must-have accessories for firearm owners.

Cleaning Kit

Every gun owner knows how important it is to maintain their precious firearms on a regular basis. Keeping your gun clean not only will help it’s longevity but will also keep you safe and prevent malfunctions. It’s important to find the correct kit for your specific gun because each kit is designed for a different caliber. Our NEMO Shotgun Cleaning Kit is an excellent go-to kit that has everything you need to keep your shotgun squeaky clean and running smoothly.

Shotgun cleaning brush
Omen Mag
Extra Mags

Keep your firearm firing by investing in some spare magazines. Carrying an extra mag on hand will save you time and energy by allowing you to reload less often. Not to mention, you’ll want to have a spare on hand in the event that one of them malfunctions. Our NEMO Arms exclusive OMEN Magazine is built with a rugged polymer magazine that was engineered from the ground up based on belted magnums.


For many rifle owners, a bipod is an accessory that they just can’t live without. Bipods improve accuracy by providing stability for those long range shots. While not every scenario requires a bipod, it’s great to keep one on hand for those “just in case” moments. Our NEMO Bipod is convenient for a more grounded shot featuring a quick detach, adjustable design and the highest quality aluminum available.

blast director
Blast Director

While there is nothing quite as satisfying as the smell of burnt gunpowder, it’s unpleasant when the gas and carbon comes back in your face. This is where muzzle control devices come into play. Our NEMO Blast Director, a lightweight cone shaped compact muzzle device, is designed to direct all gases forward and help eliminate heat distribution into the handguard.


Similar to a bipod, shooting bags provide additional stability to boost accuracy by resting under the butt of the rifle. These bags allow you to adjust your aim by squeezing the bag to make vertical adjustments. NEMO Sandbags help the shooter hold the rifle on target by reducing movement and steadying your firearm. Use multiple bags to stack or weigh your shooting mat.

sand bag

When it comes to accessories, it’s important to find what works best for you. No matter what accessories you add to your gun, determining your preferences when it comes to personalizing your firearm is one of the most enjoyable parts of gun ownership. Browse our full line of parts and accessories on our website: https://nemoarms.com/product-category/parts/

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