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NEMO Arms, Inc. is a world leader in weapon systems integration. Committed to research and development to deploy advanced, highly accurate weapon designs and technologies that enable our partners in Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement and the private sectors to effectively and confidently carry out their missions.

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  • I work in federal law enforcement. I'm a firearms instructor as well as a member of a tactical element. I have had the distinct opportunity to work with and play with a myriad of weapon systems. The MSR market is saturated with a plethora of good-intentioned American manufacturers.  Many of these companies do their job well. Others market well. Then there is a tiny, perhaps minuscule, segment of the MSR market that is forward-leaning. Absolutely true innovators. People who have taken something proven and trusted and pushed the limits beyond what other companies refuse to even imagine. Welcome to Nemo Arms. My Pelican case will always have a Nemo sticker on the outside and a Nemo rifle on the inside. A.J., Federal Law Enforcement
  • There are times after all when a job calls for a 22-pound sledge rather than a four-pound hammer. This may be busting tough game at long range, smacking steel way out there or for professional use against targets that shoot back. NEMO’s Omen is intended to provide serious rifleman with a noticeable step up in performance over the .308/7.62. David Fortier, Defense Review

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NEMO Arms prides itself on working with only the best. As a NEMO Arms Owner, you can now join the inner circle. Click here to register for the NEMO Elite. You will have access to deals, training partners to learn how to fully optimize your NEMO rifle, and NEMO owners swag. Join the team and become Elite!

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