Titanium DC-1 .308 Muzzle Brake

The DC-1 is a titanium dual baffle compact muzzle device

Price: $134.00


The DC-1 is a lightweight dual baffle compact muzzle device that was designed to greatly reduce felt recoil on large bore and small bore firearms. Gasses exiting the bore are obstructed, and redirected to mitigate rearward movement. Twin top ports direct gasses upward to stabilize the firearm for rapid return to target. The DC-1 is well suited on large bore firearms in magnum configurations as well as smaller calibers. The DC-1 comes pre-drilled for pinning and will bring a 14.5” barrel to legal non-NFA length.


  • 30 caliber/7.62mm and 5.56 or smaller applications
  • Threaded 5/8 x 24 and 1/2x28 TPI for most common barrels
  • Machined from certified 6AL-4V titanium
  • Bead blasted for a matte finish
  • Laser engraved logo
  • Length: 2.06 inches
  • Weight 1.3 oz
  • Product of Idaho MADE IN THE USA
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1.3 oz