Large Frame Recoil Reduction Bolt Carrier Group and Buffer Kit


Reduces recoil in large frame AR builds

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Nemo’s patented bolt carrier and buffer system has never been offered in a builder’s kit until now.  The same quality components, high-end coatings, and innovative recoil reduction technology that are used in NEMO’s OMEN and XO model lineup are now available in a kit for your large frame AR.  Use this kit whether you are building a rifle from the ground up or looking to reduce recoil in your existing rig.  The technology in the bolt carrier group reduces bolt speeds and felt recoil when the recoiling mass bottoms out in the buffer tube. Other products are designed to minutely dampen the force at the moment the recoiling mass bottoms out, whereas NEMO’s design creates a dynamic solution at the beginning of recoil that creates a low “bottom-out” force.  This is accomplished by forcing the buffer to bottom out and start its return before the BCG has finished its recoil cycle. The buffer and BCG momentum are opposite, and the result is a noticeable low impact “bottom-out” force.

WATCH IT WORK:  Visit to see the system in action and how it compares to standard bolt carrier groups.

Kit includes

  • NEMO’s complete Bolt Carrier Group stacked with premium features:
    • Recoil Reduction Carrier Plunger System, High Pressure Bolt and Ti Firing Pin with return spring, Tool Steel Ejector and Extractor with high strength springs, One-Piece Gas Ring, POF’s patented Roller Cam Pin, Nickel Boron Diamond-Like Carbon and Chrome coatings, Staked Carrier Key
  • NEMO’s proprietary Buffer with hardened, Nickel Boron coated impact face
  • NEMO’s Buffer Tube with indexing tabs (MIL-SPEC Diameter)
  • NEMO’s Custom Buffer Retainer and spring
  • NEMO’s Custom tuned Buffer Spring
  • NOTE: Castle Nut & Receiver Plate NOT included.

Kit Compatible with most AR-308 Large Frame Receivers, Direct Impingement only

  • DPMS Pattern Receivers (LR-308™)
  • ARMALITE Pattern Receivers (AR-10™)

NOT Compatible:

  • DPMS Gen II Receivers
  • POF Revolution



Recommended Gas Port Diameter Sizes

  • 16” 308 Win Barrel:  Mid Length gas tube = .070
  • 20” 308 Win Barrel: Rifle Length gas tube = .086
  • 16” 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel:  Mid Length gas tube = .072
  • 18” 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel:  Mid Length gas tube = .067
  • 18” 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel:  Rifle Length gas tube = .093
  • 20” 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel:  +2 Length gas tube = .098
  • 22” 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel:  +2 Length gas tube = .096
  • NOTE: These sizes are approximate and can vary depending on the multitude of variations seen between manufacturer’s dimensions.  It is recommended that the kit is installed and tested initially without modifying gas port sizes, gas blocks, or gas tubes. Initial testing should include confirmation of cycling and last round lock-back of the BCG. Adjusting gas port size or adding an adjustable gas block may be required for optimum performance.
  • Product of Idaho MADE IN THE USA

US Patent: 10,458,732 B2


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