NEMO Arms to release version of SOCOM submission to the public. (SYN-COR)

SYN-COR is a project that was initially developed and fielded for the NEMO Arms USSOCOM submission for the S.U.R.G. solicitation. After submission, the project was brought back from S.U.R.G., improved upon, and is being readied for the civilian market.

Syn-Cor is an integrally suppressed rifle that includes a Monolithic Core, an 11.5” barrel as well as a titanium gas block that incorporates bore evacuation technology. SYN-COR will also have a hybrid short stroke piston system that is used to assist the un-locking of the bolt, and bore pressure is used to cycle the system. The titanium outer tube section is a weldment that will bring the rifle to the NFA friendly barrel length of 16.5 inches.

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