Nemo Arms has teamed up with Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics (SSGT), a premiere law enforcement training company, to offer special rifle pricing to law enforcement agencies and individual law enforcement officers. These special pricing options apply to select Nemo rifles.


About SSGT

As a Defensive Tactics & Firearms Training System for Criminal Justice, Military Police and Security Officers, Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics (SSGT) is dedicated to practical, effective and court defensible techniques. This system is a leader in addressing the most serious situations officers face in the line of duty. SSGT addresses these situations with the use of objectively reasonable force. This is a tactically documented system with an organized method of instruction, addressing both officer and subject safety.

For more information go to www.gossgt.com.

Meet the Patrol Series

SSGT Mission Statement

To provide criminal justice, military police and security officers with practical, effective, field proven and legally defensible defensive tactics, and firearms training.