How Often Should I Perform Routine Maintenance On My Rifle

Experienced firearm owners know the importance of keeping your firearm maintained on a regular basis. Depending on your firearm, the frequency of recommended maintenance can be between every ten shots or one hundred shots. There are many factors that play into the frequency that you should clean your gun. The cleaning frequency depends on the model of your firearm, as well as the age and purpose of your weapon. Generally, firearms that are used frequently, in competition for example, need to be cleaned on a consistent basis.

The age of your firearm also plays a big part in how often you should clean it. Older firearms need to be cleaned as often as possible, especially if they only take corrosive ammunition. Cleaning your older firearm after shooting can help to maintain your gun’s lifespan and prevent any dirt-related functionality problems. For a quick cleaning, simply wiping down the bolt and the exterior metal portions with a lightly oiled rag can help to prevent rust and corrosion. Learn how to perform a deep cleaning of your firearm here:

On the contrary, newer firearms can go about every other time you shoot before needing any maintenance. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to thoroughly inspect your gun every week for rust, debris, or loose screws and stocks. If you notice that something is off or a part is damaged, wait to fire your gun until after you are able to get it looked at and perform necessary repairs.

Did you know that the type of ammunition you use plays a large part in the frequency that you need to clean your gun? In the recent shortage of ammo nationwide, you may have come across corrosive ammunition remaining on the shelf as an affordable option. While getting a deal on this type of ammo can be tempting, ammunition with corrosive primers leaves a residue of harmful salts that can rust and damage the inside of your firearm if left uncleaned. When using this type of ammo, be sure to clean your firearm thoroughly after each use.

If you do pick up some corrosive ammunition, after firing, you will want to use a solution that will neutralize the primer salts. After the corrosive salts are cleared from the gun, apply a basic anti-corrosion gun oil to protect the metal parts. The damaging nature of corrosive primers is why we design our firearms for quality ammunition here at NEMO Arms. We recommend avoiding this type of ammunition for use in any of our firearms. It’s always best to refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning instructions as well as the recommended ammunition for your gun.

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