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If you are a licensed firearms dealer and you are interested in offering the NEMO premium rifles and products, please submit your FFL and full contact information to sales@nemoarms.com. Please include your phone number, fax number, and full company name as well as your FFL. After receiving your information, a representative of NEMO Arms will contact you and provide you with further information to become a NEMO Dealer.

Please submit technical questions with as much information as possible to: support@nemoarms.com. We also have information available the NEMO Arms YouTube channel and in our Owners Manuals which are available to download below.

General Owner’s Manual | Download the Owner’s Manual
OMEN ASP | Download the Operator’s Manual
OMEN Pratka | Download the Operator’s Manual
OMEN Match 2.0 | Download the Operator’s Manual
OMEN Recon | Download the Operator’s Manual
OMEN Watchman | Download the Operator’s Manual


  • Bolt Bounce/ Carrier Bounce.
  • Ensure the bolt carrier is fully forward before firing, if the carrier bounces rearward off the barrel extension and remains partially off the barrel extension face, the firing pin cannot protrude far enough to strike the primer causing a light primer strike or no primer strike at all.
  • Worn out buffer spring, replace
  • Worn out carrier extension spring, replace
  • Bolt speeds are too high, restrict gas with adjustable gas block, try different ammunition
  • Dirty or dry action, lubricate and clean rifle
  • Suppressor causing too much backpressure, restrict gas with adjustable gas block, try different ammunition, try different suppressor
  • Releasing bolt forward too slowly with charging handle, try releasing the bolt forward by pressing on the paddle of the bolt catch
  • Too many rounds in magazine creating drag, ensure magazine is not overloaded
  • Check to ensure firing pin is in good condition and is assembled correctly.
  • Defective ammunition. Discard ammunition and reload with new ammunition.
  • Too much oil/preservative/CLP in firing pin recess.
  • Magazine or chamber is not loaded, reload.
  • Failure to ExtractDirty or corroded ammunition, clean chamber and use new, clean ammunition.Broken or worn extractor spring. Replace extractor spring.
  • Broken or worn extractor. Replace extractor.
  • Fouling or carbon on extractor. Clean bolt, extractor and chamber.
  • Carbon or dirty chamber. Clean chamber and barrel extension.
  • Extractor tore case rim, Adjust gas block to lower setting or use different ammunition and/or suppressor
  • Magazine not inserted properly, re-insert magazine and ensure it is locked into place
  • Too many rounds in magazine, make sure magazine is not overloaded
  • Fatigued buffer spring, replace
  • Fatigued carrier extension spring, replace
  • Dirty and/or dry action, Field strip and clean rifle, including bolt carrier group, upper receiver assembly and barrel. Re-lubricate.
  • Dirty ammunition or dirty magazine. Clean magazine and use new, clean ammunition.
  • Defective magazine feed lips, spring. Discard and replace with new magazine.
  • Buffer assembly restricted. Field strip and inspect buffer tube and buffer assembly. Replace buffer spring if necessary.
  • Loose or misaligned gas block. Tighten gas block screws and ensure gas block is on straight.
  • Rifle over or under gassed, adjust gas block accordingly. If problem persists, call a qualified gunsmith or NEMO Arms, Inc.
  • Rifle is under-gassed, adjust gas block to increase flow
  • Try higher powered ammunition
  • Clean and lubricate bolt carrier group
  • Ensure gas block is aligned and tight

The bolt and barrel extension are dirty. Field strip, clean and lubricate. Be sure to clean and lube rifle after firing session before going into storage.

  • Make sure to break in barrel properly
  • Use high quality match grade ammunition, try different ammunition
  • Feed ramps sharp, polish feed ramps
  • Ensure all optic mounts and rings are torqued to the correct specification
  • Ensure optic is set up properly
  • Barrel has too much carbon and copper fouling, clean carefully with copper solvent, follow solvent manufacturer’s instructions
  • Make sure gas block is adjusted so that the rifle is not over-gassed
  • Throat erosion, barrel has reached service life
  • Inspect bolt for damage
  • The ammunition is over-powered. Use different ammunition.
  • Rifle timing is off, try restricting gas flow with adjustable gas block
  • Suppressor is creating too much backpressure, try restricting gas flow, different ammunition, and/or different suppressor
  • Suppressor is dirty and has excessive carbon build up, clean suppressor
  • If you experience a pierced primer, contact NEMO Arms, there may be damage to the rifle that needs to be repaired before firing another round