NEMO Omen .300 Win. Mag. Review by Guns & Ammo

Nemo Omen Guns And Ammo Review

by Tom Beckstrand | August 19, 2013 Few shooters will argue that the most relevant contemporary small arm is the AR-pattern rifle. It is a wildly popular rifle that, up until recently, was readily available in everything from .22 Long Rifle to 7.62 NATO. The AR can attribute its success to its simple modular design, easy maintenance and comfortable ergonomics. The military …

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World’s First Titanium AR .308 Rifle
by NEMO Arms – $100,000

Feature Nemo TiONE Titanium Ar 308

It’s finally here – and the [TI]ONE Titanium .308 Battle Rifle // SERIAL #1 is just as bad as it is …

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