• Awesome interview with Clint from NEMO Arms about the new Battle Wagon and the rifles at Shot Show 2014!

  • Check out the latest video from Four Guys Guns. Sure Shot Exploding Targets sent us 50 pounds of their Magnum target mix. We happened to have a USMC Sniper, NEMO OMEN chambered in 300 Win Mag and a dummy named Ken. Don't forget to click like and subscribe!

  • Watch us shoot out to 1000 yards with this AR rifle built for the 300 win mag cartridge.

Mission Statement

NEMO Arms, Inc. is a Montana based weapon systems integrator committed to research and development and deploying advanced weapon designs and technologies that will enable our partners in the Special Operations, Federal Law Enforcement and private sectors to effectively and confidently carry out their missions knowing that they are armed with the finest primary weapons in the world. 

Nemo Buyers Club

For more information regarding NEMO Arms including our current offerings, mission-specific weapon design & manufacturing or product availability, please contact us directly at: info@nemoarms.com or call us at
(406) 752-NEMO.

Nemo me impune lacessit :: No one attacks me with impunity